Life Activation

Our DNA, which has both a physical and a spiritual aspect, holds the blueprint to who we truly are at our most perfected state, at our highest potential. This activation opens up those potentials and activates our divine gifts.

Do you have/feel
Want to make the next step in your progression?
Feeling Blocked?
Want to create shift and open up greater potentials in your life. Want to expand or activate your spiritual gifts. Apathetic. Depressed.

This healing will

Enable you to access your potential and allows you to see opportunities and to progress in your life. This time-tested activation has inspired people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their daily lives.

Ensofic Ray Healing Modality

The Ensofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is the 1st ray of creation; it is pure, straight to the point and penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you. This healing modality is a process of re-orienting body, soul, and spirit to each other for absolute alignment: first, by destroying imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns that prevent our highest potential; second, by sealing our physical vessels (our bodies) to contain this highest vibration; and third, by harmonizing our structures (mental, emotional, and physical) so that we can create a full LIFE resolved of conflict.

Do you have/feel
A lack of passion for life, lacking desire, feeling off track from your potential and purpose or stuck in a rut

This Healing Will

  • Heighten the vibration of the body, allowing you to release lower energies that cause illness
  • Realign your physical body and soul with your purpose and potential
  • Increase consciousness of spiritual energies helping you to connect to your divine potential
  • Restore internal unity and heal the rift of separation both within and without
  • Gently and powerfully release old wounds and suffering held within your being
  • Assist you in managing your life with clarity, wisdom and grace
3 Session series: $200 per session

Etheric Body Healing – External Influences

Deals with the blocks that come from outside of us. Often because of unhealthy interactions with others or just being out in our chaotic world, we can pick up energies that effect us negatively. This modality clears those energies.

Do you have/feel
physical pain/discomfort of uncertain cause
a lot of mental chatter
lots of negative thoughts that “just don’t seem like you”
unusually angry, agitated, judgmental, sad, apathetic or depressed like you have experienced “psychic attack”

This healing will

Relieve physical pain. Create a more peaceful mind. Create more joy.

Etheric Body Healing (Core Issues)

he Etheric Body is the aspect of our energy body that relates to our divine will and our connection to it. This modality clears the energies within us that are blocking our ability to create and live a life of joy, abundance and flow. It releases the energies behind the old “baggage” that we carry around with us that prevents us from living the divine life it is our birthright to live.

Can’t let go of dysfunctional life patterns or belief systems that are blocking you. In need of emotional healing. Apathy. Depression.

This healing will

Let go of and heal old core issues that create dysfunction in your life and relationships. Let go of old wounds that block you from living a life of joy.

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting

Deep emotional connections with people often create cords which can last up to 7 years. These cords, when the connections are unhealthy, can drain your energy, make it hard to “let go” or hard to shift dysfunctional patterns in relationships.

Recently gone through a break-up or divorce. Want to shift a dysfunctional relationship. Feeling “drained” by relationships.

This healing will

Helps to shift unhealthy dynamics in your relationships. Let go of old connections to make room for new.

Purification by Light Package

(Cord cutting, Negative Spell removal, Purification by Light) : Thoughts are powerful, especially when backed by strong emotions. Sometimes these energies from others can be so strong that they adversely affect our lives. These modalities cleanse your energy field of those influences.

Depression. Apathy. Constant feelings of anger and agitation.

This Healing will

Help you feel lighter and more joyful.

Ensofic Ray Redirection

The room is filled with the highest ray of God and this energy is used to clear your central core and raise your consciousness into greater alignment with the Will of God.

Recently gone through a break-up or divorce. Want to shift a dysfunctional relationship. Feeling “drained” by relationships.

This healing will

Kabbalistic Healing

The Tree of Life is the most powerful expression of God we have access to. It is the very DNA of the body. This healing activates the tree within you and awakens your creative potential. Problems On a spiritual path and wanting to expand their connection to the Love Of God. Looking to expand their ability to create in the physical world.

This healing will

Gain greater clarity in life, mind and purpose.

Enochian Healing

This powerful modality acts as a sealant for living a good and positive life. It connects people with the angelic forces and helps them remember who they are. The energy that comes in with this healing goes deep into the body and soul, redirecting all energies that have gone amiss.

For those who have done a lot of spiritual work and want to seal in that light, that joy in their lives.

This healing will

Allows people to feel a greater sense of tranquility and joy in their lives.

Isis Healing

Using the energies of Isis, Osiris, Geb and Nut, this modality will bring forth a death and rebirth within your emotional body, making it possible for you to embrace the next step in your evolution of consciousness.   This modality also realigns the vibrational energies of the body and re-directs them into the brain region so that the energies that we collect everyday are not lost but rather used for our benefit.

Often feel tired. Have problems keeping their focus. Feeling scattered.

This healing will

Create more energy and vitality in life.

16 Petal Balancing

There are 16 energetic gates that spiral around your etheric field like petals of a lotus. These energy gates balance the flow of the four elemental energies within the body (earth, water, air, fire). These gates must be open and balanced for energy to flow properly through our body, to manifest our ideas into the physical, and to bring high vibrational energy down from the higher dimensions and into the physical dimensions.


Unable to bring your desires into fruition. Are a professional psychic or channel and want to improve your access. Want to improve your ability to connect with your guidance. Want to be able to direct and flow more spiritual energy.

This healing will

Increased energy flow, access and alignment. Greater ability to create in the world.

King Salomon Healing Modality

The Series Includes

  • Unified Chakra Awakening: Unifies and awakens a whole new chakra system of 2418 chakras. The nervous system wakes up. As a result of this work, you will experience an increase in spiritual awakening and sensitivity.
  • The Tree of Life Healing: The 10 spheres in the Tree of life that represent the 10 different aspects of God, such as wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, and beauty, are illuminated, balanced, and healed using a Tibetan Bell.
  • Seal of Solomon Healing: The 12 Rays which are symbolized by 12 stones, and accompanying imagery are emblazoned into the client with the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Salomon. The process heals the seven directions and the 12 sections of the physical body.
  • Tone Healing: A number of the 72 sacred names of God are toned into the very core of the client’s being, healing the energy of their chakra system and aligning the inner and outer being with the vibrations of the Universe.
  • Aura Healing: Black spots from the seven layers of the client’s aura are removed, healing the central core, the life force, the thrid eye, the five senses, the nervous system, the physical system, and the meridian lines.
  • Light Healing: A profoundly sacred healing that deals with the seven principles of life and clears the human of all evil forces with the Purification by Light.
  • Etheric Body Healing: The Client’s seven bodies are healed- the infant body, the child body, the teenage body, the soul body, the emotional body, the senses body, and the etheric body.
  • Mental Body Healing: Dealing with the Human mind, 13 different aromas are utilized to awaken the brain, enhance corresponding brain regions, and bring peace of mind.
  • During the session, the KSHM Practitioner repeats certain healings the client needs re-enforced based on the results found in the ongoing scanning.

Have deep issues, challenges or blocks you want to shift in your life. Ready to make your next evolutionary leap. Wanting to greater assimilate the energies of the Adam Kadmon Activation.

This Healing Will

Create deep transformation and healing in your life.

“When you examine the lives of the most influential people who have ever walked among us, you discover one thread that winds through them all. They have been aligned first with their spiritual nature and only then with their physical selves.”

– Albert Einstein

Ready to live your life’s purpose?

If you are unclear about where you are drawn to start, we can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how I might support you.

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