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SJE_AboutMusic was my first love. My passion for music started during my Junior High School days in Miami, Florida. Fed by that passion, I continued my studies at an Arts High School and then attended the Juilliard School for my undergraduate degree. It was a fellow student there that awakened my curiosity for the esoteric side of spirituality. I was raised in the Christian Church but had never really explored anything beyond what was offered to me in Sunday School.

I later moved to Houston for Graduate School and found myself scouring the late ’90’s internet for information about all the different spiritual paths I could find. From spiritual websites, to chatrooms, to books, I delved ever deeper. What started to awaken in me was a desire for service. I thought that the higher I could raise my vibration and the more effective tools I could find, the greater number of people I could support to living to their fullest potential. I became a Reiki Master and went to massage school but those felt like stepping stones to something more.

My music career eventually brought me to Detroit to play with the symphony and it was then that things began to truly kick into high gear. Suddenly I found myself just a few miles away from a Unity Church Marianne Williamson was leading for a few years in Warren, MI. She created a very thriving spiritual community, bringing all the biggest names metaphysics to speak and give seminars.

It was at this point that I went back to my roots and read the New Testament, twice. I was amazed because reading it painted a very different picture than the one I was taught from church. Jesus said we were gods (Jhn 10:34) and that we could do all the things he did and greater (Jhn 14:12). By Acts, Jesus proves this because we see that the people who trained with him were in fact able to do all the “miracles” he did. We were created in the image of God (Gen 1:26-27), God is the creator. We have so much more potential than we currently accept for ourselves.

That began my search for what were those missing Keys? The search to find the deeper teachings taught to the apostles that helped them to fully step into their divine potential and empowerment. In 2002, that part of my journey began by receiving a Life Activation at a psychic fair in Michigan, which began my studies with the Modern Mystery School (http://www.modernmysteryschoolint.com). It has been a long and growth filled journey and, because of the teachings, initiations and healings I have learned a received from the school, I really feel empowered to support people on the path to truly living their grandest, most joyful life.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

– Muhammad Ali


If you are unclear about where you are drawn to start, we can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how I might support you.

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