The Archangels are very powerful and high vibrational beings. They hold the energies which when brought down into the lower realms support and empower us to achieve our goals. By spending time connecting with angels you can attune your being to theirs and integrate their strengths as your own. I am speaking about a powerful way to heal, evolve, and empower yourself emotionally mentally and physically. We will listen to soothing music and meditate as we bask in the energy of an an Archangel. You will receive an energetic spiritual healing and have an opportunity to ask questions if you like. I invite you to join us for this enlightening event.

Your Host, David

When you arrive you scroll the names on the box to Inner Sanctum suite D and push the button to call. I will come open the door for you.

Take an hour for yourself – Get Grounded – Relax – Be Centered – Meet new friends at The Inner Sanctum Oakland.

Weekly Wednesday Meditation Night – Our meditations take place in a space that is set at a high energetic vibration. As you spend time in this energy your energetic vibration is raised so you may you receive the healing benefits of these energies.

Join us for Wednesday Night Guided Meditation at 7p.m. at the Inner Sanctum Oakland

$10 Suggested Offering

4408 Market Street, #D, Oakland, CA