Spiritual God Lord Ganesh is known for the ability to overcome all obstacles.
He can assist you in this way and more if you join us Wednesday evening May 6th. Ganesh is an elephant headed God that is very popular in India. He is the most known and loved representation of divinity in Hinduism. He is the God of intelect, and he radiates wisdom, prosperity, and attainment. He will bring you peace, light, and hope. He is called a laughing God so it feels joyful to be in his presence.
Ganesh will help you:
– Remove Obstacles
– Create Abundance
– Art and writing success
– Harmonious relationships
– Peace and happiness
-Deep spiritual connection
I hope you can find the time to join us for this spiritual gathering.
Suggested donation is $10
Blessings be!

Join with us this Wednesday to reconnect with your divine spark. Let’s gather together and shed the baggage of the world as we fill ourselves with the light and peace of God through a powerful guided meditation.

Take an hour for yourself – Get Grounded – Relax – Be Centered – Meet new friends at The Inner Sanctum Oakland.

Weekly Wednesday Meditation Night – Our meditations take place in a space that is set at a high energetic vibration. As you spend time in this energy your energetic vibration is raised so you may you receive the healing benefits of these energies.

Join us for Wednesday Night Guided Meditation at 7p.m. at the Inner Sanctum Oakland

$10 Suggested Offering

4408 Market Street, #D, Oakland, CA (Press #04 at the door to be buzzed in)