Join us for a spiritual meditative healing experience with the Master St. Germain and the Violet Flame of Love which radiates from our Universe’s central sun. David Recht will work with the spiritual realms to provide a safe holy space to meditate and receive healing energies. The Master of Light Saint Germain will be present in spiritual form to provide healing for all those that attend the event. He is an expert in alchemical transformation helping you to change all lower energies into their highest divine form.
Saint Germain can help you:
· Expand your ability to experience unconditional love
· Use the gift of prophecy
· Make freedom a reality in your life
· Deepen your connection to the divine
· Master finance and politics
The session will last approximately one hour.
I hope you decide to join us.
– David

Join with us this Wednesday to reconnect with your divine spark. Let’s gather together and shed the baggage of the world as we fill ourselves with the light and peace of God through a powerful guided meditation.

Take an hour for yourself – Get Grounded – Relax – Be Centered – Meet new friends at The Inner Sanctum Oakland.

Weekly Wednesday Meditation Night – Our meditations take place in a space that is set at a high energetic vibration. As you spend time in this energy your energetic vibration is raised so you may you receive the healing benefits of these energies.

Join us for Wednesday Night Guided Meditation at 7p.m. at the Inner Sanctum Oakland

$10 Suggested Offering

4408 Market Street, #D, Oakland, CA (Press #04 at the door to be buzzed in)