Manifesting Your Destiny

(A Powerful way to start the new year!)

3-Hour Workshop January 2, 10:00am – 1:00pm

We are all born with a life purpose. This life purpose defines (among other things) what we are here to do and the people we are here to serve and work with. Made before we are born, these life purpose agreements are often called contracts. Many people are yearning to find their purpose, and even those who are on track with purpose are often still seeking out their contracts and the details of how to work it all out.

• In this workshop you will learn how to connect with the right people for your work, your growth, your relationships, your play…
• How to draw these people to you, making powerful and profitable connections
• A step-by-step guided meditation that teaches you how to light up your contracts by harnessing the 7 Powers of the Universe

As a result of lighting up your contracts, you will create the synchronistic meeting and events that open your contracts and draw them into your life.

Take your life, your business and your relationships to the next level!

Cost: $50

Taught by Shawn Jones, Guide and Teacher with the Modern Mystery School

Contact us via meetup or at with questions or to register